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Welcome to Stark Vacation Getaway! I am Krishna, your host, and a software engineer. When I’m not buried in a book, I love to travel to historical or beautiful locations, or simply chill out at beaches in California.

I strive to be the best host possible and provide my guests with the experience I would expect if I were the one traveling. I fell in love with this cabin the moment I saw it. It’s private, secluded, and close to Pigeon Forge, which offers plenty of fun and excitement. I also adore the stunning Sunrise Mountain views, ample parking, and verdant greenery. I knew that this cabin would be a gift to anyone renting it.

You can enjoy breathtaking sunrise views right at your doorstep. The beautiful porches invite you to sit down, sip coffee at our bar, swing on the porch, soak in the mountain’s beauty, and relax.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve your experience at Lovers Cove Cabin, please let me know. And above all, please enjoy your stay and create unforgettable memories.

Peace and happy travels!